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Basic Curb Appeal/Low Maintenance!

We realize that many people just want their landscapes to function without a great deal of continual expense and effort. While no landscape functions completely free of maintenance, we can help you choose layouts and plants that will minimize the expense and effort of a garden while still providing an attractive surround to your home or business.
Express Your Style

A landscape can be as individual as you are! What surrounds your home or business should reflect your personality as well as the style of the building itself. Gardens can be Formal, Whimsical, Casual, Minimalistic, Spiritual, Artistic, Meditative….don’t just be the house next door.
Outdoor Living

Your yard is an extension of your living space. Outdoor spaces are gathering spaces for you, your family and friends. Landscapes often incorporate and work around features like outdoor kitchens, patios and pools. We are no strangers to making the best of outdoor living.
Sustainable Landscape and Options

At BaumGardens, we study the latest methods of building environmentally sustainable landscapes. We can suggest ways to build your landscape to reduce chemical and fuel usage on your property and both conserve and re-direct water.
Vegetable and Herb Garden

Save some money at the grocery store and treat yourself to produce that you know exactly where it came from. Many herbs and veggies can do very well here in New Orleans if you know what to plant and when. There are even several herbs that can function as a permanent and attractive part of the landscape, not to mention that they are there whenever you need some in the kitchen! Vegetable Gardening is not for the hands-off gardener, but it is rewarding, healthy and can be done!
Wildlife, Butterfly and Native Plant Garden

An avid wildlife and Butterfly gardener herself, owner Tammany Baumgarten is very knowledgeable about the many facets of attracting the birds, bees and butterflies to outdoor spaces. We can help create a space where the wild visitors are as much an attraction as the plants themselves.
Children's Garden

Want to involve your Children in the outdoor activity of gardening? There are many ways to make gardening easy and fun for the kids and get them outside. This can incorporate aspects of everything from Butterfly Gardening to Garden Art to Vegetable Gardening. Set aside some space for family fun in the garden.