BaumGardens provides services to Residential, Commercial and Public clients in our area.  We can work with you or your business to:

 Create and Install New Landscaping
We can meet with you to determine your specific needs for a new landscape.  From basic utilitarian, low-maintenance landscapes to all sorts of special interest plantings, we can help you design and install it.

Renovate Existing Plantings
Many existing, mature gardens do not quite meet the expectations of the owner anymore, but there is still some value in the plants and trees that are there.  We can provide advice on how to re-vamp and renovate your existing landscape to meet your needs and give you a new look.

Maintain Existing Gardens
BaumGardens currently works with many residential and commercial clients on a regular basis to keep their plantings looking their best all year long.  Our crews visit gardens on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even seasonal or annual basis depending on what that garden needs and the client wants.

Whether you need a big Spring clean up just to get you started or want help on a more regular basis, we can help you weed, trim, mulch, rotate annual color and keep your landscape looking like it should!